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Advance Water Purifying Faucet ( Stay Safe this Pandemic )

Advance Water Purifying Faucet ( Stay Safe this Pandemic )

Advance Water Purifying Faucet ( Stay Safe this Pandemic )

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INSTANT WATER PURIFIER! Stay Safe this Pandemic!

Our Water Purifying Faucet has been the pioneers of water purification which gives you clean, clear good-quality drinking water.

It is easy to install which does not require any special tool or labour.
  • High-quality 7 levels filtration, removes microorganisms, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, rusts, sediments, worms, colloids, and most bacteria. Provides safe and healthy drinking water.
  • Made of high-quality food grade plastic material, not easy aging and very durable.
  • High-speed water flow capacity up to 1.5L/min, that gives you plenty of clean water instantly. switchable water flow type: unfiltered spray or filtered spray.
  • It comes with 3 faucet joints in order to fit different types of taps. Very easy to install. No special tool required.
  • Its design have the ability to switch between filtered & non-filtered water.


– Complete sterilization, no secondary pollution use more confidence

– The installation is simple. Saving time, effort and money

– To retain beneficial minerals and trace elements beneficial to health

– Easy to install, easy to use

– Flexible and portable, does not occupy space

– Large water production, easy to clean


  • It is recommended to clean the water purifier regularly.
  • Be sure to handle it gently during cleaning to avoid damage or deformation of the filter element.


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